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Cataract Sun City Center

Cataract Sun City Center

Are you considering having cataract surgery in the Sun City Eye Center? Coastal Eye Institute offers options for your cataract surgery, such as which type of surgery would be best for you, as well as which type of lens implants will work best. Coastal Eye welcomes you to schedule a cataract evaluation by calling 941-746-2020 to find out if you’re a candidate for advanced lens implant. It’s also a great opportunity to have all of your questions answered.

When your natural eye lens becomes cloudy it prevents light and images from reaching the retina. This results in blurred images, dulled colors and glare, making it difficult to read and perform other daily functions. People who have cataracts describe their vision as seeing life through a cloudy film. A cataract is not a film over the eye, and only surgery can remove the old, clouded lens and replace it with a new, clear, artificial lens implant that can restore your vision.

The Cataract Sun City Eye Center can help you assess the risks and benefits of cataract surgery and discuss how it can improve your lifestyle. At Coastal Eye, they use an advanced surgical technique called Phacoemulsification, which uses a tiny incision and usually does not require stitches or a patch after surgery. This is often called ‘no-stitch surgery’. The cataract is broken apart with ultrasound and then gently removed, and the lens implant is then inserted through a small incision, unfolding once inside of the eye.

Phacoemulsification surgery at the Cataract Sun City Eye Center allows quicker healing with minimal discomfort, and usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete. For those who have the surgery in the morning, they are generally home in time for lunch to watch TV the same day!

With technological advancements, patients now have the option to choose between this type of surgery and Laser Refracted Cataract Surgery at the Cataract Sun City Eye Center. Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery uses laser technology and advanced lens implants to reduce or even eliminate the need for eyeglasses. As the cloudy cataract is removed, it is replaced with a clear lens implant. Now, multi-focal implants such as the ReSTOR can improve distance vision, near vision and intermediate vision. For patients with astigmatism, laser corneal astigmatism correction or the use of advanced topic lens implants can improve and sharpen the vision.

Make an appointment to talk with a Cataract surgeon from the Sun City Eye Center by calling 941-746-2020. One of the important decisions you’ll make together with your surgeon is what type of lens to implant during cataract surgery. Due to the incredible advances in lens technology, there now exists advanced lenses that can provide patients with a more continuous range of vision.

Cataract Sun City Center